How Serendipitous Scientific Discovery Become the Most Successful Hair Restoration Medicament in American History.

  (Los Angeles, CA) – If you are sick and tired of avoiding the mirror, so you don't get stuck there making yourself feel worse about your hair, then you'll be surprised to hear that an old-fashioned and easy to use mainstream solution had existed for a long time and it is even currently certified by US government. Keep on reading . . .

  Letters and emails that we receive from American women who suffer from hair balding are truly heart-breaking. They talk about crushed self-confidence and spiraling down into compulsive worrying.

  Waking up every day to count lost hairs on your pillow doesn't come without trauma. Even with supportive family and friends, many women are in constant fear of everyday social interactions.

  Hair loss is a more troubling issue for women than for men, because there is more expectation on them to always look their best.

When I see other people, I compare
the thickness of their hair to mine.

  Rarely talked about, but very questionable social prejudices still prevail at the workplace. For carrier women, hair loss is not just about self-esteem.

  Hair loss makes women look older and looking older can make one to appear less relevant in a workplace. Degradation in her looks might snowball and become degradation of her career.

  Annie (not her real name) from Tennessee writes: “I'm obsessing over the fact that I'm balding. My hair is going grey on the sides, and it's thinning on top. Every chance I get to look at myself I mainly focus on my hair. When I see other people, I compare the thickness of their hair to mine. I think that people will laugh about it behind my back. This problem is taking over my life.”

  But if it were only for social pressure hair loss would be all plain sailing. The deeply rooted reason why this problem persists is our obstinate and competitive nature. To improve other peoples' perception of ourselves, many of us don't hesitate to traumatize our body with a determination of Spanish Inquisition.

Keeping your options open will go a long
way towards controlling hair loss . . .

  Our sisterhood, armed to the teeth with hair dryers, bleaching solutions and hair straighteners, is mercilessly invading the poor scalp of ours, with these abrasive tools of self-promotion. Sometimes on a daily basis, for years on end. No wonder that scalp wants to give up and ends up looking like a scorched battlefield surgery, of sorts.

  Receding hair lines can make women to hastily jump from the frying pan into the fire and opt too early for painful hair transplants. This type of treatment can indeed reach very deep into one's family savings.

  Smartly keeping your options open will go a long way towards having a firm control over hair loss problem. There are many tried and tested methods that you can do from a comfort of your home, which will not cost you an arm and a leg.


  Back in late 1950's, Keranique® started its life in a science lab, as a potential cure for high blood pressure. Unfortunately, researchers gave it a rigid high-brow name, 'Minoxidil'. While doctors were doing clinical trials, it turned out Minoxidil didn't help at all with high blood pressure.

  In a sitcom-like tragicomic twist of fate and to the investor's absolute surprise, scientists where scratching their heads, when they found that their wannabe high blood pressure drug started re-growing hair on few of the balding patients.

  After that, clinical trials were diverted to confirm Minoxidil's effect on hair growth. FDA approval followed, and product finally hit the shelves in 1991. All in all, from the late 50's to early 90's, after many clinical trials and a few patent litigations, it took more than 40 years to bring it to the US market.

bckchk_34c US Food & Drugs Administration (FDA) Certified

  This tried and tested hear growth product had been quietly helping hair loss sufferers for decades. Many candid industry insiders, will vouch, on a condition of anonymity, that Keranique® is the only product on US hair-loss market that is backed by both clinical trials and FDA approval.



It took me only four weeks to start
getting my hair back.

“It's so Nice Not To See My Scalp.”
Ariste W., 51, CA
Star Rating: 5 out of 5 *****

  “I am a Californian housewife. Everything is as fantastic as it was before. It took me only four weeks to start getting my hair back. It is easy to use; my hair looks fantastic, and I honestly don't have enough great words to say about how happy I am. I can do it on my own, from a privacy of my home, when my husband and kids are away. I got my hair trimmed a couple of weeks ago, and my hairdresser said that my hair has never looked better! Keranique® is easy to use, it's not crazy expensive, and it will grow hair! I promise if you follow the steps like I religiously did you will grow hair, and it will be the best investment you will have ever made for yourself.”


  Watch Ariste As We Reveal Her Keranique® Results!


I was devastated when I realized my
hair was thinning.

“My hairline has grown fuller, thicker & longer.”
Elizabeth O., 55, OH
Star Rating: 5 out of 5 *****

  “I was devastated when I realized my hair was thinning. Hair loss is embarrassing, and I lost my confidence. I was fed up with losing hair. I wanted to do something about it. I was lucky to find out about Keranique®. With the Keranique® System, I have been pleasantly surprised by the amazing hair growth results. My hairline has grown fuller and thicker and longer. Bald spots are gone. The best thing was that it took me only about month and half to see the first results. That gave me all the confidence I needed to continue.”


Watch Elizabeth As We Reveal Her Keranique® Results!


Thin hair had always been a family trait . . .

“It was recommended to me by my best friend.”
Pat Marshall, 70, United Kingdom
Star Rating: 5 out of 5 *****

  “Thin hair had always been a family trait, but after stopping HRT mine became noticeably worse. I even told my hairdresser not to show me the back of my head because it made me so depressed. Friends and family were quite sensitive and didn't bring it up – maybe they thought it would upset me – but it was something I often discussed with my husband.”

bckchk_34c Pat Marshal's Before & After Results.

  “It was after a family event that I decided to take action – a video camera had been positioned behind my head without me knowing, and when I watched the video, all I could focus on was my scalp showing through my hair. It was distressing and embarrassing. I was about to start looking for wigs when I saw an advert for Keranique® and thought I would give it a try. Nothing else had worked, and I had nothing to lose.”


  Keranique® was created exclusively for women who know how difficult is to live with the effects of hair loss and who want a tried and tested solution.

  Keranique® Hair Regeneration System is three-in-one product line. It consists of:

  Step 1   –   Keranique® Hair Regrowth Treatment

  It features the powerful, and the only FDA approved hair regrowth ingredient on the US market, the Minoxidil. This is specifically formulated just for women with 2% solution. There is a separate product for men, with a stronger 5% solution. This hair regrowth treatment is clinically proven to stop hair loss and regrow thicker, healthy looking hair.

  Step 2   –   Keranique® Revitalizing Shampoo

  The formula contains anti-oxidants and vitamins specifically designed to nourish and soothe your hair. Clinical tests show that the shampoo visually improves the luster in your hair, hair volume, texture, and smoothness.

  Step 3   –   Keranique® Volumizing Conditioner

  The conditioner adds softness, volume and body to the hair while moisturizing and detangling at the same time. It is unlike any other conditioner currently sold on store shelves.


  Keranique® Daily Essentials supplies the key nutrients that are needed by the follicle to help promote the growing phase of the hair growth cycle.

  BIOTIN: Helps improve the kerating infrastructure, a basic protein that makes up hair, helps your body absorb nutrients which are needed to stimulate and maintain healthy hair.

  Benefit: Natural hair growth, increased blood flow to your hair, thickens your hair, prevents your hair from drying and falling out, and improves the condition of hair.

  RIBOFLAVIN (Vitamin B2): Riboflavin works together with Vitamin A to maintain and improve the mucous membranes and health of your scalp.

  Benefit: Contributes to healthy hair growth.

  PANTOTHENIC ACID (Vitamin B5): Necessary for the proper funciton of the adrenal glands. B5 can aid in strengthening your hair follicles and their cells.

  Benefit: Contributes to the nourishment of hair follicles, helping them function properly & promote your hair growth.


  Our conclusion is that Keranique® Hair Revitalization System and Keranique® Daily Essentials worked together in our tests better than we expected.

  • Keranique® is clinically proven,
  • Keranique® is the only hair loss treatment on US marked that is certified by FDA,
  • Keranique® is specially formulated for women and it contains 2% Minoxidil,
  • Complete treatment is done from a comfort of your home,
  • Inexpensive, but tried and tested,
  • Works with all types of hair and for any ethnic group,
  • Works even when genetic factors cause hair loss,
  • Volumizes and revitalizes damaged hair,
  • Succesfuly Reverses all the visible signs of hair loss,
  • Stimulates regrowth of thinning hair,
  • It will make you look younger and more relevant at your workplace,
  • Most women see the first results after only four weeks,
  • Keranique® Hair Revitalization System is a 3-part system that includes shampoo, conditioner and spray,
  • Keranique® Daily Essentials is a complementary nutritional supplement with vitamines,

  The makers of Keranique® should be commended on their product. In a sea of products on store shelves that just do not work, here comes a product that works better than advertised. Wider research into their clinical studies shows that Keranique® has gone through rigorous scientific trials and it delivered on all its promises.



  Remember, it’s not too late to fight back against hair loss. For best results, we recommend that you use the Keranique® Hair Regeneration System together with the Keranique® Daily Essentials to help you grow that thicker, fuller, longer, healthier hair you desire while maintaining the hair you have.

  For a limited time, we arranged a special offer for our readers.

  Keranique® is offering a 120-days Money Back Guarantee, to our customers. Keranique® is confident that you will be successful in growing your hair back, that they are prepared to take all the risk onto themselves.


  However, this is a limited time offer and it expires at midnight on . To benefit from this exclusive deal you must act now.

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  1. Victoria Mitcham July 17, 2016 at 12:41 pm - Reply

    At about 40 yrs old I began losing my hair, and my part line grew more visible.

    I have been using most all of the Keranique products for many years now. The shampoo, conditioner, mousse, uplifting spray, and liquid treatment. I got tired of it last summer and changed to something else, and my hair quickly became thin again.

    Most people do not know I have a thinning hair issue. I have been to see doctors, dermatologists, got an expensive laser brush and thought about getting my head tattooed dark so my scalp would not be so noticeable and considered wigs.

    Extensions are not good because inserting and affixing them to already weak and falling out hair only makes the hair fall out quicker.

    As a woman, going bald in a professional work environment is not as acceptable as it is for men.

    So I keep using all of these products with great success! I would recommend it, and I have learned to keep at it.

    • Simonetta Goldsmith August 15, 2016 at 12:41 pm - Reply

      My mother just e-mailed me this, a friend at work had told her about it. I guess it works well because few colleagues at her office are using it. Although it’s all supposed to be hush-hush …

      • Eileen Pierce August 19, 2016 at 9:23 am - Reply

        A friend of mine used this and recommended it to me 5 weeks ago. I ordered the bottles and paid full price. I wish I knew about this free trial. The results have been very encouraging, and I’ve seen some new hair starting to grow back. But it needs to be applied every day.

  2. anamaria July 25, 2016 at 2:08 pm - Reply

    When you are younger, you do all these things to your hair without realising that you are slowly damaging hair roots.

    I saw this product on the Dr Oz and Rachel Ray show. However, I didn’t know how to order it and came across this site where you found this useful product for free, which is great because I don’t want to pay full price for something before I tried it.

  3. Suzan Allington August 5, 2016 at 2:53 pm - Reply

    I have been procrastinating for 2 months now on trying this product and today is the day I am going to take action and get started. I’ve gone ahead and ordered the free trial, and I am going to keep applying it for a whole month, every day! Thanks for the motivation to get me started! Love, Suzan

  4. Roberta Harper August 9, 2016 at 7:21 am - Reply

    A girlfriend of mine and I both started losing hair at the same time, about two years ago. We are going to do it together so that we can support each other. My motivation is because my husband and I are going to be seeing family we haven’t seen in 10 years. Already ordered it and we are both going to try this out, thanks.

    • Adriana Talbot September 26, 2016 at 2:28 am - Reply

      I do a lot of online shopping, and I can’t believe I haven’t ever heard about this Keranique. Does it come in a bottle or as a spray?

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