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What do we do?
Its simple: Amazon.com has way over 4.7 Million products available, most online computer stores have over 100,000 items available but you are interested in purchasing only one product at a good price! How do you select the right product?

We help you figure out what is best to buy, why it’s best, and where to buy it at a good price. We sort through all the information and hype on technology products, and clearly and concisely recommend the best for what you need. Because we are web based, we can provide you much more timely information than periodicals, which have lead times of days, weeks, or even months. We are not biased and will also tell you what not to buy (and why), unlike most other sources.

You spend less time hunting for the products and more time getting on with something much more important: LIFE or WORK? We are direct and to the point. Think of us as your friendly and knowledgeable virtual expert on all things technical. Come to us whenever you need to buy something new or want to know what special deals are out there. We practice all ideas we present on our site, additionally, we own most of the equipment we recommend.

How can you be contacted?
Just drop us an email: webadmin at healthandlivingnews.com ( plaease replace “at” with “@”). Funny syntax is to avoid spam. Or if you are old fashioned, you can send us snail-mail to:

D+ Ltd.
2nd floor, 1 The Broadway,
Friern Barnet Road,
London, United Kingdom,
N11 3DT

What is so special about HealthAndLivingNews.com?
Some sites try to be an exhaustive source for all types of products, other sites go into excruciating detail on one product category, other sites might help you find the best price on products, but you need to know what you want to purchase and they will not show you all the special deals available.

HealthAndLivingNews.com combines all of this into one clean, easy to use site that tells you what to buy, why, and where to buy it. Our information is not automatically computer generated, it is the result of constant human research and reader feedback. We want to make sure you get state of the art products at fair prices. There are simply too many products available today. Because of our visibility, vendors often give our readers special exclusive deals.

Who are we?
The HealthAndLivingNews.com staff includes the Anthony Douglas, Junior. He has been involved with personal computers since 1978, when they had 48K of memory and 0.110 K baud modems. He graduated from UC Berkeley’s Electrical Engineering and Computer Science programs and has run technology companies since 1985. His first company manufactured top-rated storage peripherals and disk arrays for PCs and Macs and was sold in 1996. He then focused on utility software for storage devices for the next three years, and sold that business in the middle of ’99, allowing him to found HealthAndLivingNews.com.

Why are we doing this?
This website was created by people with extensive experience in the automotive parts field who are always asked “What computer should I buy?” “What software should I buy?” “What sound card is best?” and so on. We read the periodicals, surf the most important technology sites, visit the trade shows, play with the products, and help you find the short list of products you should really consider.

We also love to find great deals! You find us scouring the national and regional newspapers, web sites, and newsgroups looking for special deals for both of us. We also believe that our readers can help us find great deals too! So why not combine the two disciplines and help users find the best technology products at the best price?

About the website.
Our web site was designed by the great folks. It’s powered by the awesome WordPress web application server and a MySQL database and maintained on our mixed network of Macs and PCs.

What are our credentials
Having designed many storage products from the ground up and having been involved with interfacing these products with the “real world,” we have had experience with a wide variety of hardware and software products on both the Macintosh and PC platforms. We also constantly upgrade our machines in search of that “New Feature”.

Are we consumer advocates?
Yes. HealthAndLivingNews.com will strive to find you the best products at the best prices. We will also help you weed out the shady vendors from legitimate ones. It is extremely easy today to set up an online store, promise you incredible prices, and not fulfill your promises. We do the research and stick with deals at stores we would buy from ourselves.

Why do our opinions matter?
We do the legwork and homework for you. We list the criteria that go into each pick and give you pointers to reviews so you can find more detailed information. Remember that reviews are primarily subjective. Few reviews recommend products purely based on a benchmark or specification. We employ expert reviewers in different categories. We also solicit the public’s feedback.

Where do we do research?
We read monthly and weekly end-user and trade publications. We regularly visit the major trade shows, hit the stores, and surf many informational sites daily to keep abreast of new products, deals, and technology. Our staff solicits pricing information from qualified vendors. We buy products and bargain hunt vigorously. Of course, we also listen to our loyal readers.

Why ask for feedback?
Despite our expertise, we cannot be everywhere! We want you to get value from our service, so we appreciate your feedback. Give us feedback on products, special deals, or anything you think we may have missed. Or even critique our site design! Such is the strength of the Internet: it helps bring together people with diverse strengths and interests.

How do we get paid?
It costs money to keep this site online. While we get some of the products loaned to us for review, we also have to purchase products. Our web site hosting and bandwidth is quite costly. Most of our staff are volunteers, while others need to get paid to maintain a roof over their heads. We get revenue from banner ads placed on our site and by forging linking agreements with some vendors. If you purchase a product we recommend, please do so via the links on our site and make sure you let the vendor know that we helped in your decision making. You will not pay a premium, will have supported the site, and you will have probably saved money. We do not require a link to generate revenue for us to get posted.

Are we biased?
Well, we are. It takes money to run the site and we are sponsored by companies whose coupons we promote. We only promote coupons, we do not provide any product review, so there is very little to misrepresent. Most importantly, you always get coupons that save you money. That’s what it is all about.


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