Autmn Style, from Berlin

Tatjana Popovic August 1, 2013 1


   For a bit of afternoon glamour on my French sofa all I need is a little black one from Thacher’s, Berlin. Affordable, washable and ready to slip into without ironing, puts a huge smile on my face any time. It takes me by surprise over and over again how little we need to feel relaxed and at one with ourselves. Those precious little treats. I love them because I don’t need anybody else to provide them. Myself, my little black dress, my sofa… and voila.


   I know quite a few women who wouldn’t be seen dead wearing glasses. When I got my first pair of Donna Karan glasses it felt like getting an additional personality with them as well. I enjoyed choosing the frame and observing changes it made to my face. The ones I finally decided to take became instantly my dear friend; putting them on turned into a little ritual and I adore hiding behind them, yes you can hide wonderfully behind reading glasses. They made me feel safe, confident and rather intellectual. The blue cocktail dress from, yes Thacher’s again, was a perfect companion on that day. I was at ease.


   Mild, golden Berlin sunshine lured me on to the streets. I had a bit of the breeze in my hair, a pair of rusty high heel, luxuriously comfortable boots from Clark’s on the feet, a silky smooth, flowery dress from W-E-T, and an indispensable jeans jacket from Marlborough Classics. That was all I could wish for at that moment. Hello World!


   This is me. I am here. Because of everything. Despite everything. Great times, hard times, laughter and tears, exaltation and desperation, dreams and nightmares, adoration and humiliation, promises and threats, courage and fear, the little girl and the big woman, the life. All of it captured in one magic moment. Thank you your Highness Camera in the hands of one fine photographer Sylke Gall.

Styling by Tatjana


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  1. Kim Rawks December 2, 2013 at 7:49 pm -

    Your beautiful! And glasses today are just as fashionable as they are beneficial. And ‘the little black one?’ LOL. You really rock it! Every woman needs a little black dress.

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