How E-Cigarettes Saved My Kissability!


  Last month I switched to an e-cigarette. I’m a convert. Sleek, black, and easily confused with a fine-point felt-tip, this newfangled “nicotine delivery system” is dead-cool. The gently warm vapor ingeniously replicates the reflective pause of a real cigarette, the same quiet little buzz. But e-cig doesn’t stink up your breath, cover surfaces with ash, turn the air acrid, stain your fingers, brown your teeth, reduce bone mass of the jaw, promote gum disease, or ∗ wait for the drum roll ∗ cause cancer. Nor does an e-cigarette give anyone in your vicinity cancer.

  What’s so upsetting about e-cigarettes for the anti-smoking lobby is there’s nothing to get upset about. For anti-smoking fanatics, e-cigarettes are enraging. They can’t clamber onto their moral high horse because what’s there to get upset about? Those plastic vapor sticks aren’t gunking anyone’s lungs or even stinking up anyone’s breath. And those dreadful vaping cheats seem to be enjoying themselves! They’re getting away with something horrid scot-free! It isn’t fair!

Finding The Model That I Liked The Most

   While searching the Web I found a few online electronic cigarette companies giving away free trials, where you only had to pay a few dollars for shipping. I placed an order for my e-cigarette with Regal eCigs™, which had 9/10 ratings and positive feedback from most users. Another reason I chose Regal eCigs™ was because their e-cigarettes are most frequently used amongst the people I know. Right off the bat I was pleased with the purchase process. They are one of the most credible and trustworthy online electronic cigarette suppliers in USA. They also included a one-year Warranty for the product. After using their e-cigarette product for four weeks the results were noticeable, but more about that in a moment.

Putting E-Cigarette To The Test . . .

The trial starter kit included the e-cigarette with battery, five cartridges, a wall charger and USB charger. At first I was a bit suspicious because the e-cigarette was quite heavy and felt very solid. On the first day I cheated a little and had regular cigarettes too. But on the second day I smoked only the electronic cigarette and I have to say I was convinced. As a nicotine delivery device, the Regal eCig™ was very good and each time I was craving a cigarette it definitely delivered. It still gives you the action of smoking. You still inhale, you blow out, it’s not like a patch or chewing gum, which is something completely different. So I would, as a smoker, recommend it to other smokers that are trying to quit.

kiss_13With Regal eCigs no tobacco is burned. That’s why many smokers report loosing smoker’s breath.

Smoker’s Breath Vanished

There were other pleasant surprises with my family. My children didn’t refuse my hugs and kisses anymore; before they would refuse to kiss me good night, which used to be quite disheartening for me. And my husband, who never liked my smoking, declared that e-cigarettes definitely have more pleasant smell than tobacco.

On the health side, my breathing became noticeably easier; I didn’t have chest tightness and coughing in the morning. I also now sleep better. My mother, who has asthma, was able to be in the same room as me as I enjoy my e-cigarette and only noted a slight but pleasant smell, when she was able to smell anything at all. I love to vape more than I liked smoking. No burn holes, smelly clothes, yellow teeth, second hand smoke and cancer risk! I am now a firm believer that E-cigs are the future!

Do We Really Need to Switch to E-Cigarettes?

In short, yes.

These are some of the many benefits I feel I have received from my e-cigarette trial:

  • I satisfied my daily craving for a nicotine kick,
  • During my trial, I inhaled no smoke, no tar, and as a vaper, took in considerably less carcinogens,
  • E-Cigarettes didn’t give me smoker’s breath or smelly clothes. Some non-smokers didn’t even recognize me as a smoker,
  • Vaping is a real recession-beater and it saved me money immediately in the first month. Overall I expect to save around $1,443 on an annual basis,
  • Controlling the amount of nicotine I was taking in was easy. I just chose cartridges with lower nicotine strengths,
  • As a vaper, I exhaled harmless, pleasantly scented water-vapor, so others were not exposed to second hand smoking,
  • Regal eCigs™ are a definitive conversation starter and social networking tool. Everybody wanted to know which model I am trying and where I got it from. Even people from the office who I never talked with, approached me to satisfy their curiosity.
  • Smoking tobacco is so bad and electronic cigarettes are the step forward towards saving my health,

I’m far from a medical expert, but it appears that several of my health problems that were caused by smoking, immediately started improving. I am not losing my breath when climbing to the top of the stairs in our home. Both my kids as well as my husband tell me that e-cigarettes are not giving me smoker’s breath, and as a result my kids are not refusing good night kisses like they used to. Additionally, each cartomizer is equivalent to about 20 ordinary cigarettes, which works out to save me around $1,443 on a yearly basis. Yippee! I am going to repay my mortgage faster!


  After conducting our own research, we are pleased to see that many smokers are really finding success with it (myself included). It is amazing to hear that most smokers who switched, experience quick withdrawal of many negative, smoking related health issues.

   Once again we would like to thank Regal eCigs™ for providing their high quality “try before you buy it” starter kits for our research. We encourage readers who currently smoke to give Regal e-Cigarettes a try because we know that you are getting a quality product that works, with no strings attached! Make sure to order quickly; we can’t guarantee how long this promotion will last. Click here for the details.

   Good Luck With Your Switch to Vaping.

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