Top 2018 NBA Rookies to Make Up to $41,242,888

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  This year’s NBA draft is now finished and we can now estimate the future salaries for newly recruited rookies.

  Overall winner in this round of transfers is Deandre Ayton of Arizona. During the first stage of his contract with Phoenix Suns his payout can reach maximum of $41 million, plus change. Out of that he’ll receive a little more than $18 million, that will be guaranteed.

Deandre Ayton

  Second position was taken by Marvin Bagley III of Duke, whose total reward can potentially reach over $36,910,320 over next four years with the Sacramento Kings.

Marvin Bagley III

  Basketball star from Slovenia Luka Doncic, takes third place of top paid rookies and he’ll be transferred to Dallas Mavericks for $32+ millions.

Luka Doncic

  Michael Porter Jr. was the last year’s favorite for top overall pick, but well his well known problems with back injury caused his rankings to fall and he now stands to make $15+ million.

Michael Porter Jr.

Ins and Outs of NBA Rookie Contracts

  The main reason why rookie salaries are nearly non-existent in NBA, is that all salaries are decided by the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) during negotiation between the players’ union and NBA. Rookies have minimal flexibility inside their first contracts, but they have almost no leverage and are limited to the scale decided by CBA.

  Rookie contracts are guaranteed only for first two seasons, with an optional extension for year 3 and year 4. Rookies can be signed for as little as 60% of CBA scale, but very rarely they sign up for anything less than 120%.

  These contracts are brokered by agents and a good agent can make it highly likely that rookie gets signed for full 120% contract. Agents get their cut from marketing deals, around 20%, and more often than not they are invited to negotiate rookie’s second contract.


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