How to Check Up On An Potential Online Date Without Being Creepy


Make no mistake: online  dating services work for many people. About 40 million people in the United States used at least one dating mobile application or website in 2012, according to Statistic Brain, which is a research company. Seventeen percent of couples who were surveyed and who married in 2012 met online. Using high tech to find a romantic partner works for many people and it is a norm in the first world.

Researching a potential date before going on the first date is par for the course these days and it only serves to improve good relationships and cut the bad ones short.

However, good sense isn’t always good manners and there is still somewhat of a stigma attached to admitting you know more about a potential paramour than you really should, according to a survey from Pew Research 41% of 18- to 29-year-olds use social media to find out more about a possible paramour.


It turns out that a little bit of Googling around, to find a little bit more about your potential date, quickly escalates into an arms race. It’s not just what you need to know about people you are bringing into your life; it’s what other people are finding about you. While everybody can dig up information on search engines or through social media, the real deal breaker is the information not available in plain sight.

Instant Checkmate aggregates information available in public record databases maintained by government on a local, state, and federal level. This is where professionals like private detectives or business owners go when they want to get a full picture.

By starting with just a person’s name, surname and state where person lives, you can uncover a comprehensive report on each person you search, including criminal records, possible serious sex offenses, traffic offenses, government licenses, past and current addresses, phone numbers, and more personal information like marriage statuses past and present. The report even identifies social media profiles they may have online, including possible hidden profiles and accounts on dating sites.

Obviously, all the fun starts with checking what public databases contain about your. It’s a good way to learn how accurate the information is that Instant Checkmate serves.

THE BUSINESS END: 10 Common Lies You Can Expose


While a white lie might be something you want to quickly forget and move on,’s personal profile report, uncovering a whopping skeleton in a closet can save you a lots of grief in the long run. In seconds you can learn for yourself if a dishonest person has tried to fool you with one of these common lies.

  • 1) “I’ve Never Been Arrested”
    Anyone can learn the truth about whether or not they spent time in handcuffs by searching arrest records. In seconds you can learn when the arrest happened, and what the person was charged with.
  • 2) “I’m Not Married and I’ve Never Been Married”
    Is someone you know pretending to be single, even when they have a husband or wife at home? Are they claiming they’ve never been divorced, but really they were married back in the day? Find out the facts by running an online background check and expose the truth about their marital status.
  • 3) “I’ve Never Lived out of State”
    People with something to hide are usually less than upfront about their life story. Online background checks will reveal current addresses and previous known locations. Find out where they’ve really been.
  • 4) “That Is My Real Name”
    Is your acquaintance telling you their real name or an alias? If they have ever been caught using a fake name, that will be logged into public records, and you can learn their true identity in seconds.
  • 5) “I’m A Very Safe Driver”
    In America everybody thinks they’re a great driver, but a background check will tell the real story. If you pull someone’s report and see that they have dozens of speeding tickets and DUIs on their record, you’ll know whether you will be safe if they offer you a lift to home.
  • 6) “That Is My Real Age”
    While this one can be forgettable, the question is, are they just shaving off a few years or a few dozen? Birth certificates are a matter of public record and can quickly let you know where you stand.
  • 7) “I’ve Never Declared Bankruptcy”
    It’s a lot harder to keep that story going when public records reveal that they’ve filed for bankruptcy before. Discover who couldn’t meet their financial obligations.
  • 8) “I Don’t Have Kids”
    Parents try to erase their own children’s existence in casual conversations more often than you think. But since public records include information about relatives, you can get the true story.
  • 9) “I’ve Never Hurt Anyone”
    Lots of people claim they are as harmless as a bunny rabbit when in realityy they are as aggressive as a wolverine. If someone has been convicted of domestic violence or aggravated assault, you can learn the facts about their violent tendencies by running an online background check.
  • 10) “I Own A Condo”
    Are they a high roller or a big liar? Property records are a matter of public record, so if someone has owned a home (or condo) for a couple years, it should appear in their background report.


In addition to giving information on the specific person you search for, the report also includes a scrolling list of “local sex offenders” for whatever region you’ve searched—along with a map plotting out the locations of those offenders.


Are there liars in your life? Don’t waste another second being deceived. Click here to run a background check with Instant Checkmate to find out who is telling the truth  –  and who is lying right to your face.






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