Leave the Belly to Santa This Christmas

Mirabella Trovar January 3, 2015 Comments Off on Leave the Belly to Santa This Christmas
Classic Christmas Dinner

A Typical Irresistible Christmas Dinner

When you sit down to Christmas dinner, the only glistening mass of flesh should be the nice fat turkey in the center of the table. Holiday weight gain is a pesky occurrence during a season of decadence that starts at Halloween and ends sometime around Valentine’s Day and while you may think it’s impossible, it can be avoided by sticking to a low carb diet.

A low carb diet is the right way to go because it’s a flexible way of maintaining your weight and maybe even shedding a few pounds. It’s not about restricting the foods that you eat or limiting yourself to one oddly specific food group for weeks at a time – nobody is going to catch you tucking into cabbage soup while the turkey is carved.

Gaining weight due to the indulgences of Thanksgiving and Christmas can really put a dampener on what should be an enjoyable season of parties and socializing. It’s depressing to find yourself trying to slip into a sexy dress for a Valentine’s date and finding that you can’t even do up the zipper due to a few weeks of overeating at Christmas. For some women the holiday chub might just be a pound or two while for others it can be seven or eight pounds. It can be hard to shake depending on your individual metabolism. Dramatic dieting and exercise after the initial weight gain are not the healthy way to combat this problem either – it’s all about preventative measures. Eating healthily throughout this time of year by maintaining a low carb diet is the best way to ensure your skinny jeans still fit come January 1st. Why ruin February’s romance by overindulging at Christmas?

If a large meal is just a once off event any dramatic weight gain is likely temporary and due to the volume of food consumed as well as water retention. However with all the occasions that call for veritable feasts at this time of year then it starts to add up, which can cause a permanent gain. If a fraction of the weight gain after each Thanksgiving meal is permanent then consider what happens after one meal in your own home, dining with the in-laws, Christmas drinks with friends, the annual office dinner, another whopping meal at Christmas, and so on and so forth. Before you know it it’s time for New Year’s Eve drinks and you’re 10lbs heavier.

Christmas Decoration with Tape

Enjoy Your Christmas Dinner but Be Ready for Valentine’s Day

Let’s take a look at how a low carb eater could enjoy Christmas dinner, for instance. The typical fare here includes a roasted bird, ham, various vegetables, breads, potatoes and stuffing. If you skip the dinner rolls, you can fill your plate with a reasonable portion of turkey, chicken, ham or duck, and vegetables. The potatoes can be skipped or swapped for their low GI cousin, the sweet potato. Roasted or mashed sweet potatoes are a seasonal choice and they don’t have the same bloat-inducing effects as a plate loaded with carbs would.

Often times at Christmas or Thanksgiving events you will find yourself grazing away on food you don’t even really want. We’ve all been there: the office manager is in the middle of telling you all about her newest ugly Christmas jumper and you’re on your third cupcake with a pretzel chaser just to stave off the boredom. That is the time to stop and think about whether or not you really want that food. Odds are that you don’t.

If you’re a nervous grazer there are two approaches you can take to maintain a trim figure and stick to a low carb diet at this time of year. The first option is to have a filling pre-planned meal before any event and steer clear of the snack table entirely. If the nibbles are the social hub and you really feel they can’t be avoided, then have an action plan and stick to it. Do a little research beforehand and ask the host what they will be serving so that it’s easy to stick to proteins and healthy fats rather than gorging on unnecessary sugar.

If you eat well it is even possible to lose weight even at this time of year. You could show up to the office holiday bash looking sleek and with no fears about not fitting into that great little black dress you bought on sale back in August. You can be the best version of yourself, even when celebrating and surrounded by food.


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