How Getting Down Can Tone You Up

Amy Grimes June 3, 2013 2
Woman Doing Press-Ups at Her Home

Floor Exercise for Home

   When you hear the words “exercising in your own home”, you might think of daft VHS aerobic exercise sessions from the 1980s, or ineffective posturing that will not actually get you anywhere. That’s not the case though, not if you choose the right kind of exercise that is adaptable to any venue or situation. Being healthy and getting fit is all about finding an exercise that fits your lifestyle and personality, and floor exercises fit the bill perfectly. You need exercises that don’t require complicated bells and whistles, with no downsides or strings attached. If you want to lose weight, get rid of belly flab and tone up your stomach, you need to start doing floor work. In fact, you can start right now.

   Floor exercises don’t require you to have a membership to a fancy gym; you don’t need to commit to a monthly bill that could be better spent on other things (like a new wardrobe for when you slim down a size or two). For the unfamiliar, the term “floor exercises” refers to work you can do with just your body. This includes things like crunches, planking, the bicycle or mountain climber movements, squats, and stretches. The possibilities are endless, since it’s all about what your body can do for you. You may have heard it called mat work, but you don’t even need a mat if you don’t already have one! If you have a yoga mat to hand, then great, however floor exercises don’t require any equipment or special kit. Your body is capable of being a finely tuned machine and floor exercises utilize this fact to fight flab.

Exercise #1:

   So, there are tonnes of great floor exercises out there but where to begin if you’re a total novice? Squats are a good place to start. This exercise is great for toning your lower body, in particular your thighs and bum. To begin, hold the palms of your hands against your tummy and get into a squat position, with your knees bent and held close together. From here, jump up quickly! As you jump, extend your legs as far apart as possible and raise your hands from your stomach up above your head.

A Woman Doing Excercise

Fast Push-Ups on the Floor

Exercise #2:

   Another good exercise that can be done anywhere are push-ups. These are best done using an exercise mat. You can do a twist on the traditional exercise that will focus more on your stomach by incorporating jumping. Begin by placing your hands on the floor, in line with your shoulders as you would for traditional push-ups. Keeping your legs bent beneath you, propel them up and to the left of the mat. Return to the center and then jump again to the right. Repeat this motion as fast as you can, while concentrating on your core muscles.

Exercise #3:

   For instance, crunches are perfect for flattening your stomach and you can increase the number of reps you do as you become a pro at floor exercises. To do this exercise, lie on a yoga mat with your arms folded behind your head, palms below your ears. Lie flat with your legs bent and feet on the ground so they are just below your thighs. Next, raise your back up from the mat while turning your torso to the right. At the same time, straighten your left leg out. Your left shoulder should be moving towards your right hip. Alternate sides as you continue. Correctly done, this exercise resembles a smooth pedaling motion and will do great things for your core strength.

   You can add floor exercises to any existing fitness routine you might already have – if you’re a runner then add fifteen minutes of floor work before your final stretches, or if you practice yoga use the mat you already have to get to grips with planking. If you’re just a beginner then it can be really motivating to choose a few floor exercises and keep track of your progress. It’s easy to incorporate some floor work into daily life and gradually increase the amount as you advance.

   Floor exercises are infinitely adaptable because they can be done anywhere. While up to now you may have though “at-home exercise” literally meant only exercising in your own home, you can do many floor exercises anywhere. Try taking your workout into the great outdoors by going to the park with a workout buddy on a sunny day, or move outside your living room and have fun in a friend’s place. If you’re lucky enough to have a private office at work you can even take five minutes every hour to do some energizing exercise. Whether you have a whole home gym kitted out with equipment or share a tiny apartment with room-mates, you can fit this kind of exercise in anywhere, so long as there’s enough space for you to move within a relatively small radius.



  1. Stephanie December 2, 2013 at 11:39 am -

    I used to run cross-country in high school. I always tell people you don’t need to spend a fortune on gyms as there are some very useful exercises you can do at home – free!

  2. Kim Rawks December 4, 2013 at 5:06 pm -

    Great advice. While I don’t need to lose weight, I definitely need some kind of fitness routine. Time is precious and so is money. Good ideas here.

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